Vertical Garden
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Interesting Concepts:

We have Some creative ideas for Bio-walls. we call it living art:


Vertical Gardens or bio walls are becoming increasingly popular in the urban space. With the growth in the urban population, space is becoming a scarce commodity and is distancing us from nature. There is an increasing pressure to produce food at a much faster rate by using inorganic methods, which is resulting in high levels of contamination in the food chain. Vertical Gardens bridge the gap between human and nature by allowing us to utilize vertical spaces to grow herbs, vegetables or green plants. Bio walls can exist outside in almost any climate and inside as well with proper lighting, watering and the right growing media. Plants can be placed randomly or in intricate patterns. They can be self-sustaining with a recirculating irrigation system, hard piped with drip irrigation and a drainage system, or watered by hand.
To start growing your own vertical gardens please contact our experts to gain a basic knowledge about how our system works!

The system:

Vertical Garden Planters

The entire module includes :

  • Steel frame to hold plants boxes
  • Vertical garden box
  • Drip irrigation system
  • Water reservoir tank
  • Complete timer based water pump
  • Led lights (up to smeles cables )
  • All plants Cost
  • Complete installations
  • Guarantee for 3 months
  • Fertilizer packages

Installation of Vertical Garden/Bio Walls :

Our team will come and install the entire system of bio-wall/vertical garden which will include the following:

  • Fixing of frame on the wall
  • Installation of vertical panels (plastic)
  • Installation of drip pipes
  • Green plants or providing vegetable seedlings
  • Two month supply of organic fertilizer
  • Plastic bucket with a filter pump


Grow Clean Air

  • Since plants exchange gases they clean air of pollutants
  • They can be used as important design elements
  • Good for screening
  • Help in conserving energy
  • Can be used to bring down air or sound pollution
  • Excellent to grow herbs and vegetables in organic way
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Works for horticulture therapy
  • Great stress buster

Urban Farming

  • Growing herbs or vegetables in balconies/kitchen windows/terraces or any other vertical space where you can get some direct sunlight.
  • Vertical spaces: use of plastic panels/bamboo panels etc.
  • Horizontal spaces: use of grow bags