Patio Garden: ( 100-300 sq. yd plot )

Patio Vine & Rose
Total plants 47 Nos.
Sizes of plants
  • Decoratives: 3' high approx.: 6
  • Shrubs mix medium 2' high approx.: 14
  • Ground covers small mix 6" approx.: 110
Media type Super Garden Mix: 6 bags
  • Zero HASSLE of garden design.
  • Comes with FREE layout.
  • Installation instructions with EXPERT advise.
  • Best Quality.
  • True to variety.
Garden Size Garden size 100-300 sq. ft. :If your garden space is larger than you can order twice or three times the same garden. The number of plants will increase..
The Shrub Garden Only for Sunny Area The trick to get the best of the small garden is planning. Patio garden provides with space to relax and enjoy the garden. You don't necessarily have to have the grass (may be a small area) but a well-defined patio with the right use of paving material (has to be natural, no TACKY ceramic tiles please) and a well laid out garden will do the magic. The patio garden is surrounded by variety of plants and pottery that accentuates the garden. One can add handpicked colorful pottery and some interesting garden furniture etc. to complete a patio garden. What we have done here is only listed the plant material that you would need to complete the garden and rest of the accessories that you would need to buy would come in the instructions manual once we ship the plants. Well, Folks just ORDER the garden and enjoy it. We are very sure that with our expertise in the field of garden design you would not regret it.
patio garden

Cost :

Garden area (SQ. FT.) 100-150 150-200 200-250 250-300 cost (each)
  125 175 225 275  
Shrubs A 10 20 40 80 175
Shrubs B 6 12 24 48 125
Decorative 7 13 27 53 225
Topiary 2 4 8 16 2500
Ground covers 72 144 288 576 15
Hanging baskets with garden hooks 5 10 20 40 225
Total cost 16636
Note: as the garden area gets bigger we increase the number of variety of shrubs/groundcovers and decoratives.

Description: Not many people can visualize a small garden and it is very difficult (cost wise) to get a designer to do a garden design layout without spending too much money. And some people feel getting garden designed is an unnecessary exercise. The reality is smaller the garden, the more it needs to be designed to achieve the maximum potential. At Grassper we have pre-designed garden for your needs which is a huge cost saving for our customers. We can also do custom design at a cost if there is a need for it. There are many designs options available and each one of them have been specially designed keeping in mind the size of the garden. Once you purchase the pre-designed garden, along with the plant we will also send a layout plan FREE OF COST. The garden can be completed with a variety of evergreen, plants, flowering shrubs, ground covers and elements that complement each other. The pre design estimate is based upon our over 25 years of experience in the field of landscape design. We have made certain assumptions in completing the pre-design estimate.

  • The water and light is available.
  • The garden has adequate level.
  • We are using approximately 35% to 40% of the garden area to put shrubs/groundcovers etc. and rest can be used to put grass.