Edible Walls
Learn how to grow plants indoors, on your walls.
Only in Delhi/Gurugram.

Due to space constraints growing vegetables & herbs has always been a challenging task. But now with GRASSPER "EDIBLE WALLS" one can grow vegetable & herbs in vertical spaces without much hassle.

Just Imagine

  • No Watering hassle - Automated Watering
  • Minimal Maintenance Cost
  • Soil less media – Better Quality
  • Easy Installation
  • Plant food for First crop cycle (3 months) included in cost.
  • Zero consultation cost –technical advice free
  • Regular Newsletters to update
  • Discount price to buy future products from our site

Cost : Contact Us

  • The Price includes the following :
  • Cost of MS Iron Frame to hold plastic Panels.
  • Plastic (HDPE) Panels to grow plants
  • Drip Irrigation system
  • 3 months Organic Fertilizer of supply.
  • Vegetable / Herb plants
  • Set of tools to harvest
  • Spray Machine
  • Does not include pump
* Minimum - 18 Sq.ft. to be ordered

Our modular "edible walls" can be installed within a day as less & we will be provide vegetables / herbs plants of your choice from the list. Provided must complete growing schedule & chart